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FSM – Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Here at Bernal Family Chiropractic, we utilize an electrical modality called Frequency Specific Microcurrent. We may use it as an adjunct to the chiropractic and soft tissue modalities, or as a stand alone therapy to address musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, chronic and/or trauma induced pain.

The current involved in FSM is so minute (in the region of a millionth of an amp) it mimics the electrical processes that occur naturally in nerves. It is in no way injurious.┬áThe frequencies create tissue change by resonance. Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at larger amplitudes in response to some frequencies and not others. Every mechanical system and every chemical bond has a resonant frequency. At resonant frequency — even small driving forces — can produce large amplitude vibrations. These large amplitude vibrations cause the system to oscillate so violently that it comes apart. A classic example of this would be the acoustic resonance displayed when someone with a high pitched song breaks lead glass crystal. The musical note sung matches the resonant frequency that binds the lead atoms together in crystal matrix. The resonance causes the atomic bonds to oscillate and the glass comes apart.┬áResonant phenomena occur with every type of vibration or wave and every type of bond and structure.

From a therapeutic perspective, if we know what bond or structure we want to disrupt or break apart, we can accomplish that goal with resonant frequencies. The bonds and structures we might want to disrupt could be the collagenous matrix of scar tissue, inflammatory cytokines like Interleukin 1, or the polypeptide chains of emotions.